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Ep. 64 - Brian Dress: Left Brain Investing

Ep. 64 - Brian Dress: Left Brain Investing

[Note - Investing City is NOT getting compensated by Left Brain.]

In this conversation we cover:

  • “Looking for stocks that can double in 2-3 years”: superior businesses, non-cyclical with recurring revenue

  • Interest in Founder/CEOs with strong histories of responsible capital allocation

  • Emphasis on organic growth, acceleration in margins and/or revenue growth rates

  • Profitability on some metric: EBITDA, FCF, or CFO

  • Concentration: no more than 25-30 stocks

  • Examples of names we like, where we think there is plenty of upside over the coming quarters/years:

    • ROKU: We think the ad platform is a category disruptor

    • TTD: Fits alongside our ROKU thesis that programmatic advertising is taking hold

    • ZM: Yet another category leader, one we think could become a top 10 company over the coming years.  Explosive growth

    • NFLX: A bit larger than the others, but we see steady upside.  A name better suited to conservative investors than the others.  Strong profitability in EBITDA terms.

    • TDOC: Yet another category definer with telemedicine visits growing exponentially (92% in Q1 2020)

    • SPLK: Data analysis so crucial in the enterprise setting.  We like that SPLK makes data analysis accessible to non-pros.  Very high margins.

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